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Monday, 10/19: Pre-K (A Group), K-5 (All Students), 6-12 (A Group)

Tuesday, 10/20: Pre-K (A Group), K-5 (All Students), 6-12 (B Group)

Wednesday, 10/21: No Pre-K, K-5 (All Students), 6-12 (A Group)

Thursday, 10/22: Pre- K (B Group), K-5 (All Students), 6-12 (B Group) 

Friday, 10/23: Pre- K (B Group), K-5 (All Students), 6-12 (A Group) 



To view our full MS/HS A/B Day Monthly Calendar, please click here!

We need substitute teachers. If you are interested in becoming one to support students, please contact Valerie Castiglia at or 315-889-4100. Thank you!

At this time, any new elementary entrants to our district will be assigned to remote learning until space opens for additional in-person classroom instruction. The secondary grades have very few in-person spaces available, and new entrants may be assigned to remote learning as well. We have tried our best to meet everyone's requests for both in-person and remote learning, but we simply do not have the flexibility to keep up with an influx of new students who are now requesting in-person instruction.

October 1, 2020: The New York State Department of Health has released its updated Pre-K-12 COVID-19 Toolkit. To access this resource, please click here!


Free Meals Through Dec. 31

Meals for all Union Springs CSD students will be free through Dec. 31 after the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that schools can continue their free summer meals program. That means children attending Union Springs CSD will continue to have access to nutritious food as the country recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. The move was made possible by Federal funds.

In addition to free breakfast and lunch for students in attendance at AJ Smith Elementary, Union Springs Middle School, and Union Springs High School, breakfast and lunch meals will be available to any remote learning student in the Union Springs Central School District who wants it.  This includes our students in grades 6-12 who attend school in person every other day.

To schedule meals, please contact Kathy Smith, the district Food Services Director at 315-889-4120

If you hear a recording, please leave your name and contact information and the information will be passed along to the appropriate person.




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Dr. Jarett S. Powers, Superintendent
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