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Date: February 14, 2021
Subject: COVID-19 Positive Test Result
Dear Union Springs Central School District Community:
The Union Springs Central School District received notification on February 14, 2021, of a positive COVID-19 test result for a teaching assistant at the A.J. Smith Elementary School. As a result, the teaching assistant who tested positive has been placed in mandatory isolation by the Cayuga County Health Department (CCHD).  The employee was last in attendance to school on February 10, 2021.
The CCHD will work with the school to investigate the situation and determine who may have had contact with the confirmed positive case. The school district is assisting the health department in the contact tracing process by providing the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any person who may have had contact. Based on this information, it will be determined as to which individuals need to be placed in to mandatory quarantine. The Cayuga County Health Department will communicate with those individuals directly. The Union Springs Central School District will continue to communicate with state and local health departments. Please continue to follow public health guidelines during this winter recess so that we can continue with in-person instruction.

Jarett Powers


To view our full MS/HS A/B Day Monthly Calendar, please click here!

Monday, 2/22: Pre-K A Group, K-5, 6-12, B Group
Tuesday, 2/23: Pre-K A Group, K-5, 6-12 AGroup
Wednesday, 2/24: No Pre-K, K-5, 6-12, B Group
Thursday, 2/25: Pre-K B Group, K-5, 6-12, A Group
Friday, 2/26: Pre-K B Group, K-5, 6-12 B Group


We need substitute cleaners! If you are interested, please contact Valerie Castiglia at or 315-889-4100

At this time, any new elementary entrants to our district will be assigned to remote learning until space opens for additional in-person classroom instruction. The secondary grades have very few in-person spaces available, and new entrants may be assigned to remote learning as well. We have tried our best to meet everyone's requests for both in-person and remote learning, but we simply do not have the flexibility to keep up with an influx of new students who are now requesting in-person instruction.

Table Showcases USCSD History

Joseph Palmiotto has created a one-of-a-kind coffee table out of a piece of Union Springs history.

The Union Springs Central School District teacher repurposed the logo section of the district’s 50-plus year-old basketball court into a coffee table, which now resides in Superintendent Jarett Powers’ office. 

The idea, which came from Powers, allowed the district to pay some respect to its past.

“Joe did a fantastic job of taking a piece of Union Springs history and giving it a new lease on life,” Powers said.

Palmiotto believes the table was a perfect opportunity to show students how to develop and complete a project.

“I like to have the students see that I practice what I teach. I like to give them some real experiences,” he said. “They were able to see the progress I was making, and I was able to explain to them why I was doing what I was doing.”

For Palmiotto, the first step in the project was to analyze the piece of court. After some discussion, Palmiotto decided to cut it down into a square, then added pieces of extra maple flooring to the sides.

“We had all this material sitting around waiting to be used, so it really worked out,” Palmiotto said.

Athletic Director Todd Salls said the table is a great reminder of the athletic history of the district.

“It’s great to see the old floor being put to great use. It brings back a lot of fond memories,” Salls said.





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