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Interscholastic Athletics and Extracurricular Activities Mission Statement

The mission of the Union Springs Interscholastic athletic program and extracurricular activities is consistent with the mission of the school district and is designed to foster excellence and achievement through educational and competitive experiences while stressing sportsmanship and safety.  Participation in interscholastic athletics and extracurricular activities at Union Springs will develop individual and team potential through the promotion of community, character, civility and citizenship.



Athletics and extracurricular activities should be a broadening experience in which harmony of mind and body functions are created through striving for physical and mental excellence.  A well-coordinated program is vitally important to the morale of the school and the community.



Our students will demonstrate responsibility, accountability, dedication, trustworthiness, and discipline.



Our students will demonstrate civility toward others by showing respect, a sense of fair play, and a caring attitude.



Our students will demonstrate loyalty, commitment, and good citizenship.

  • The Union Springs Athletic Program will adhere to all policies and procedures of the New York State Public School Athletic Association as well as the Constitution and by-laws of the Interscholastic Athletic Conference.

  • It is the policy at Union Springs Central School that all students participating in extracurricular activities are required to abide by the same eligibility guidelines and disciplinary regulations as students participating in athletics.


Modified Program Philosophy

This program is available to all students in the seventh and eighth grade (sometimes ninth grade depending on the sport).  At this level, the focus is on participation, learning athletic skills, game rules, fundamentals of team play, social and emotional growth, physiologically appropriate demands on the adolescent body, and healthy competition.
Ultimately, the number of teams and size of the squad in any sport will be determined by the coach and the athletic coordinator based on the availability of:
  1. Qualified coaches.
  2. Safe and suitable indoor and outdoor facilities.
  3. Financial resources.
In order for the desired development of the adolescent athlete and team to occur, practice sessions are vital.  The New York State Public High School Athletic Association publishes regulations by which practice sessions are governed.  Practices or contests may be scheduled for Saturdays and vacations. 

Junior Varsity Program Philosophy

The Junior Varsity level is intended for those who display the potential of continued development into productive Varsity level performers.  At this level, athletes are expected to have visibly committed themselves to the program, team, and continued self-development.  To this end, increased emphasis is placed on physical conditioning, refinement of fundamental skills, elements and strategies of team play, in addition to social and emotional development.  Junior Varsity programs work towards achieving a balance between continued team and player development and striving for victory.  The outcome of the contest becomes more of a consideration at this level.  Playing time is not guaranteed at the Junior Varsity level.  The realization that practice sessions are important is a premise that is vital to a successful Junior Varsity team and player.  With the goal of becoming a Varsity player clearly in sight, the highest level of dedication and commitment is expected at the Junior Varsity level.

Varsity Program Philosophy

A sound attitude and advanced level of skill are prerequisites for a position on a Varsity team, as is the realization that a Varsity sport requires a strong commitment.  The components of the philosophy of the Junior Varsity program are further developed and enhanced at the Varsity level.  In the determination of the team roster, participation on the Varsity team during the previous year does not guarantee a spot on the team the subsequent year.  Those demonstrating the best level of skill and attitude will be selected.  The coach has the sole responsibility for selecting team members.  While the primary goal at this level continues to emphasize sportsmanship and character, winning contests takes a higher priority and there is no guarantee that all team members will play in every contest.
Philosophy of Extracurricular Clubs & Activities
Members of each class are offered opportunities to participate in various programs and activities that are either extensions of the classroom, recreational, and/or entertainment based.  These clubs and activities are meant to serve as avenues for leadership, social development, and in developing and using skills, attitudes, and knowledge that will prepare them for post-secondary experience.
It is the policy at Union Springs Central School that all students participating in extracurricular activities and athletics are required to abide by the eligibility guidelines and disciplinary regulations as set forth in this handbook.




Jarett S. Powers, Superintendent
239 Cayuga Street
Union Springs, New York 13160
Phone: 315 889-4101
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