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Middle School Principal

Mr. Michael Wurster

Dear Union Springs Middle School Families:

I hope that everyone has had a safe and successful first month back at school.  We have several new programs and opportunities at Union Springs Middle School that I wanted to bring to your attention. 

Perhaps the largest change this school year is the introduction of our Way of the Wolf (W.O.W) program.  I have found that as our students move through middle school, the idea of teaching (or perhaps re-teaching) expected academic and social behaviors is replaced with everything else that keeps our kids busy throughout the day.  The W.O.W program gives us an opportunity to teach these behaviors again to our students while rewarding them for the positive behaviors that we hope all children will aspire to.  In the first month, I have witnessed our kids making a point to stay after school, seek out help from teachers, organize their materials and treat their peers with respect.  I appreciate all of the work our kids and staff have put into this program.  It is something that will grow throughout this year and into future years.  During this first year, I will report out information on how your children are doing with the program and when we formally recognize their efforts.  Additionally, parents & guardians can follow their child on class dojo.  Information on this program was sent home and handed out at Open House. 

We have many ways for kids to get involved in extracurricular clubs and activities this year.  Students at the Middle School can join athletic teams (7th and 8th grade only), Yorkers Club, Debate Club, Coding/Robotics Club, Student Government, Global Issues Club, after school running, the Middle School Musical, intramural athletics and Ski Club (new this year).  Besides extracurricular organizations, students can work with Mrs. Gaal on the middle school yearbook and apply for National Junior Honor Society (during their 8th grade year).  Students looking to get involved in other ways can stay after school with Mrs. Colbert and work with the Perform 4 Purpose group or see Mrs. DeWolf about becoming an academic tutor for other students.  Middle School students in seventh and eighth grade can also use the fitness center from 3:00-4:00 pm on days it is open for students.  I am always on the lookout for the next great club or after school program.  I encourage students to come and see me with their ideas.  Between tenth period (2:20-3:00) and the 3:00-5:00 after school program, there is time for students to participate in these activities, as well as getting additional academic help with their teachers.

As our students move into and through their middle school years, I cannot stress enough the importance of organizing their time, completing all homework & class assignments and attending school.  Middle School brings about a substantial increase in academic and social responsibilities.  Students are involved in athletics and community groups, have more homework and academic expectations and are becoming more involved with their peers.  While all of these activities provide great opportunities, they also require our students to take on much more responsibility.  To assist parents & guardians with oversight of this area, we offer the parent portal (SchoolTool) which includes both a website and app, the middle school homework page, and class dojo.  Additionally, you can contact your child’s teacher through email, phone or a conference. 

I look forward to a successful school year at the middle school.  If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to call, email or stop by!

Michael Wurster
Middle School Principal




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