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March 13, 2017 - Board of Education Update

Change is hard. Managing declining student enrollment, a building consolidation project, and the reconfiguration of the grade levels across the buildings of our district, all requires extensive planning and a commitment to ensuring that the Union Springs Central School District not only survives, but thrives in the years ahead, both academically and financially. One of the most challenging elements of managing the change process comes in the form of staffing. On Monday, March 13, the Board of Education is anticipated to make the difficult decision to abolish the Elementary Principal tenure area and lay off both elementary principals at the close of this school year. The district will create a new position in a new tenure area titled Principal of Special Programs, which will serve as the elementary school principal and provide support and leadership to our Special Education program, our literacy efforts, our Academic Intervention Service program, Pre-Kindergarten programming, and our students who are in out-of-district placements, among other job responsibilities. A final job description will be available at the Board Meeting on Monday evening, and further information can be found in the posted board agenda for the meeting.  

Consolidating the district’s principal staff from four principals for four school buildings (H.S., M.S., A.J., and Cayuga)  to support our programming in the 2016-2017 school year, to three principals for three schools in the 2017-2018 school year will save the district at a minimum, $130,000 this coming school year. This dollar amount is the equivalent of more than 1.5% of our tax levy. The district voted for the capital project to save money by consolidating buildings, to ensure the district’s viability in a time of declining revenues, and to conserve our resources for the challenges which lay ahead. While no change is easy, and the talents of our administrative team and their contributions to our district are evident on a daily basis, economic efficiency and responding to student and district demographic needs must drive our decisions as we go through the reconfiguration process.   

The district will post the position of Principal of Special Programs in the coming days, and we expect to have an appointment of an individual to this position in short order. We thank you for your cooperation and support as we work to contain the cost of education and provide a quality learning experience for all of our students. Should you have questions or concerns regarding this transition, please reach out to Superintendent Jarett Powers at (315) 889-4100 or




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