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Our phone-a-thon to all families regarding their choices for next school year will conclude this week.  Thank you to all who took our call and to those who have called back to share their responses.  Your answers will help us refine our reopening plans.  An update on reopening our schools will be the main topic of discussion at the Board of Education meeting tonight, August 10, 2020 at 7pm in the high school library, and on August 24, 2020 also at 7pm in the high school library.  If you wish to submit a question or comment and cannot attend our board meetings, please email Valerie Castiglia, our District Clerk, at and she will work to get it forwarded to the correct individual.

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

Yesterday we delivered all the student computers and requested hot spots. If you were not home at the time of delivery, please contact me at and I can set up a time for you to pick up your child’s computer. In each bag with your child’s computer, is a summary sheet outlining the appropriate use of district owned technology. This summary comes directly from the “Computer Use Agreement” form signed by all students at the beginning of the year.
Here’s what we know so far from Andrew Cuomo the Governor of New York State regarding Education:
  • School are now closed until at least April 29, 2020.
  • NYS Regents Exams have now been cancelled. Here is some information that might be useful as we move forward with online learning.
  1. Students enrolled in a course or courses ending in Regents exam are exempt from having to take those exams at a later date. They will receive credit for those exams however no score will be recorded.
  2. If a student was trying to earn a Regents diploma the exemption would count as a “Pass”. Thus instead of having to pass all five Regents exams you would get an exemption for Regents Exams that you missed because of the COVID -19 closures. For example: If your child is in 9th grader, they would typically take the Living Environment and Algebra Regents exams at the end of the year. But because of the COVID-19 situation they are unable to do so they would be exempt from those two exams.  Your child would need to pass the remaining three Regents exams (Global History, English, and U.S. History) in order to satisfy the requirements for a Regents diploma. Students however, DO need to pass the courses in Living Environment and Algebra for the year in order to get that exemption. For students this means keeping up on their course work whether it’s online or it occurs when we come back to school. I cannot stress this enough, students need to pass these courses to get that exemption!!!!!
  3. This same principle would apply for someone going for the Advanced Regents Diploma, except they would need to pass the U.S. History, English, Global History Regents exams plus another Math and Science exam and the Spanish Checkpoint B exam that is given in 10th grade. As in the previous example they still have to pass the exempt courses in order to acquire that exemption.
  4. Just a reminder that courses that do not end in a Regents exam are just as important to pass. They not only become part of your transcripts, they also become part of the 22 credits you need for graduation.
I will have the latest regulations regarding these changes put on the districts web page. There are a lot of different scenarios that this document covers. Please go to the district web page each week as I will be posting new information from the NYSED (New York State Education Department) along with high school course updates. Attached to this letter is an updated list for Google Classroom codes for the various courses taught by our teachers.
I know this is an incredibly stressful time for everyone, so please take time to enjoy those things that often times go by the wayside because we are so busy. Stay healthy and I hope we get back to normality as soon as it is appropriate to do so.

Best Wishes
Chuck Walker
High School Principal
Note: The following teachers will be using “google classroom” as we move to online learning. The codes for those courses are in parenthesis. Students will need to use these codes to join their classrooms. Please contact each teacher if you have questions, you can access their emails using the staff directory on our website.
Mrs. Doyle (Global 9) provided this code (gq4sf7r)
Mr. Kime (Contemporary Science) (uvdy3xo)
Mrs. Palmiotto- Living Environment (ijmpr76).  Also for Castle Learning assignments do the following: login is us1-then your 4 digit lunch code. Your password is the lunch code twice. Example: us1-1234   password= 12341234
Mr. Cline:
Algebra Period 1  (e3td3jv)
Algebra Period 4   (cehzilm)
Algebra Period 6   (4sefccc)
Algebra 2 Period 2  (z7iqub5)
Mr. Stone:
To join Local Geometry on Google Classroom: (v75vgfl)
To join Regents Geometry on Google Classroom: (5ueoi4f)
To join Algebra A on Google Classroom: (xgwghcq)
To join Algebra B on Google Classroom: (63l4nse)
Mrs. Kruger:
Government: (e3xgmf6) 
US History: (fklsbhd)
Mrs. Strods:
Living Environment Period 1: (hqr2een)
Health: Period 2: Code:  (wjj1hcl)
Health: Period 4: Code:  (jhwk5gd)
Mr. Malboeuf:
ELA 11 period 1 – (5cf3rmk)
ELA 11 period 2 – (q5oswdc)
ELA 11 period 7 – (ify4lpv)
ELA 11 HONORS period 5 – (mdbfxm5)
ELA 12 period 4 – (dpllfdz)
ELA 12 period 8 – (cfdekzy)
Mr. Bona:
LE – 7th:  (42mh7et)
LE-  9th:  (or6fln3)
CCC Biology- Uses Office 365: students please check your emails
Mrs. Salls- use his email for contacting and turning in work (
Mr. Gonio- Economics (meqnusn)
Mr. Charles- jchsd2v
Mr. Palmiotto:
Construction Systems- (f53nnvl)
World of Technology- (24nqnm3)
DDP-  (pifdpbl)
Principles of Engineering- (botn7iu)
Mrs. Horbal:                    
Spanish 1A –(cfzbihv)
Spanish 2- (uyh6bpg)
Spanish 103-(75v6hu2)
Spanish 3-(7ll5zhc)
Ms. Acome:
CCC Spanish 102-(5akenia)
Mrs. Matson:
Spanish 2- (4iqdqbc)
Mr. Darnell:
PE 162 - P1BD-(6npidkx)
PE 162- P1AC-(t5p6yqv)
Mr. Gunnip:
High School PE- (o24lgpi)
Mrs. Hearn:
Resource periods 3 and 9- (jtcbnfp)
Mrs. Berry:
So staff and Students can access online library resources- (tlpepnw) (second letter is a lower case L)
Mr. Persad:
HS Band- Remind App - High School Concert Band - hakga8 
Mrs. Brunelle
HS PE- 3uk6l55
Mr. Wasilawski:
Physics- (17kurfo)
Chemistry- (fs24bas)
GIS- (e2qn7hn)
Ms. Kowalski:
3rd period Global-(txqvrxx)
4th period Global-(vhh66ex)
6th period Global-(clijjhst) 
AP World: Modern-(w2aivn3)
AP Government- (p4gh6au)
Mrs. Aguilar
ELA ELL – (ejobwx6)
ELA 11 – (v2x37br)
RESOURCE – (35jj35t)
Mr. Bessette
English 9: cdy4icu
English 9 Honors: tgwpxi6
English 12: rkaseya
Theater: towwpju  
Mr. Scheiber 
High School Chorus: 6o3yfnp
Mr. O'Connor
Algebra 2 /Trig (LOCAL): ik3iuj3
CCC Math 106 / Pre-Calculus: t5fiowr
CCC Math 214 / Statistics: txhxgvv
Mrs. Pelzer
Earth science 3/4: 7gbesca
Earth science 7/8: mxfv4wr
Earth science 8/9: 6bljgzx
Ag Sci: 7rzqb7e
Mr. Salls
8th Grade – n5lopcv
CCC Health – 3ocojwk
Ms. Viscardi:  Check your school emails as I am using Office 365, email me with any problems.
Mrs. Gaal: Check your school emails as I am using Office 365, email me with any problems.
Mr. Fabian: Is also using Office 365 and, email him with any problems.




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