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Our phone-a-thon to all families regarding their choices for next school year will conclude this week.  Thank you to all who took our call and to those who have called back to share their responses.  Your answers will help us refine our reopening plans.  An update on reopening our schools will be the main topic of discussion at the Board of Education meeting tonight, August 10, 2020 at 7pm in the high school library, and on August 24, 2020 also at 7pm in the high school library.  If you wish to submit a question or comment and cannot attend our board meetings, please email Valerie Castiglia, our District Clerk, at and she will work to get it forwarded to the correct individual.

A statement from the Superintendent and Board of Education

Recent events in our country, have highlighted the need for our school district to continue to work to create safe learning spaces for our students. We strongly condemn racism in all of its forms. In the months ahead, the Union Springs Central School District will continue in its work of supporting our students, creating opportunities for our students to achieve at their highest levels, and increasing opportunities to improve our professional practices.

With the adoption of policy, curriculum, budget development, and hiring and tenure decisions, the school board takes its obligation toward demonstrating multi-cultural competency and supporting the diversity of our student population and larger community, very seriously. The district fully complies with the requirements of the Dignity for All Students Act, enforces its code of conduct, and works with our students to foster a positive and culturally affirming learning environment that supports all of our student communities.  

We recognize that creating an equitable, safe, and inclusive learning environment for all of our students is a key obligation of our school district. As students return to school in the fall, we will continue to engage them in dialogs regarding current events, equality, bias, racism, and social justice and examine our curricular program to improve its inclusionary capacity. We stand ready to support our students and community and will as always, work to promote a safe and respectful school culture so all our students can maximize their potential. 

Jarett Powers and the Union Springs Board of Education




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