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Nutrition for Success Program (Food Services)


Union Springs Central School District believes that one of the most important ways in which we can help our children perform better in the classroom is to provide them with the nutrition necessary for the healthy growth of their minds and bodies. Therefore, we offer well-balanced healthy meals in our schools every day at a minimal cost.

Keeping Kids Healthy
As we comply with the federal Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, we continue to alter menus so that offerings are lower in sodium content. We have also added items sold ala carte under the Smart Snack Standards. These items are restricted in calories, sugar, fat, and sodium, and they also have higher whole grain content.

How to Sign Up for FREE Breakfast and Lunch! 

Mrs. Kathleen Smith
Food Services Manager
(315) 889-4120


A.J. Smith Elementary School (Grades Pre-K-5): $1.75 per meal

Middle & High Schools (Grades 6-12): $1.85 per meal

Reduced: $0.25 per meal

We participate in the National School Breakfast Program.
Breakfast is offered in each school after students arrive
on their regular bus runs – 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. in the MS/HS
and 8:35 to 8:50 a.m. at A.J. Smith Elementary.

A complete breakfast includes an entree item along with
the choice of fruit or juice and milk. We also offer cold cereals.
Items can still be purchased ala carte.


A.J. Smith Elementary School - $2.35 per meal

Middle & High Schools - $2.45 per meal

Reduced: $0.25 per meal

Milk: $0.60

Adult Lunch: $4.78

Adult Breakfast: $2.57

View our lunch menu free lunch for all wolves

What's New?

Oct. 16, 2020 - Meals for all Union Springs CSD students will be free throughout the 2020-21 school year after the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that schools can continue their free summer meals program. That means children attending Union Springs CSD will continue to have access to nutritious food as the country recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. The move was made possible by Federal funds.

In addition to free breakfast and lunch for students in attendance at AJ Smith Elementary, Union Springs Middle School, and Union Springs High School, breakfast and lunch meals will be available to any remote learning student in the Union Springs Central School District who wants it.  This includes our students in grades 6-12 who attend school in person every other day.

To schedule meals, please contact Kathy Smith, the district Food Services Director at 315-889-4120. If you hear a recording, please leave your name and contact information and the information will be passed along to the appropriate person.

The district has developed a new policy with regard to students buying or charging lunch. The following procedures shall be in place for the Union Springs Central School District effective July 1, 2017.

1) Only regular meals (those listed on the daily menu) may be charged, excluding ala carte items or additional meals.

2) A student may charge the maximum equivalent of TWO (2) full-priced lunches.

3) Once a student reaches the equivalent cost of two full-priced items, a district-approved alternative meal will be provided to the child until the account is brought up-to-date.

4) The Nutrikids program will be utilized to maintain records for this procedure.

5) The procedure will be communicated t parents and students via district mailings, emals/phone calls to parents, verbal reminders to students (age appropriate).

6) Just a reminder to students on the Free/Reduced Meals program, only one lunch and one breakfast per day are free or reduced. A second lunch, breakfast, or additional items may be purchased at ala carte prices.

7) Free/reduced prices only apply to full meals. If your child only wants milk, they will be charged 60 cents.

My School Bucks:

In addition to purchasing food with cash each day, students can use a pre-pay system called My School Bucks, which eliminates the need for carrying money. The online payment service provides a quick and easy way to add money to your student’s meal account using a credit/debit card or electronic check.  *Please note, the system DOES NOT disclose whether or not a student receives free or reduced price meals.

Go to to create an account. Upon signing in, parents can see the entire history, including all transactions made by the student. You can also check balances and set up low balances alerts with an online account. For questions about this system, or to find out your child’s balance at any time, call the cafeteria office at (315) 889-4120.

Important Notes:                      
These accounts are pre-pay accounts (debit), not charge accounts. You may add money to your child’s account online anytime at, or you can add money to your child’s account by sending a check to the Union Springs School Lunch Program. Please remember to keep your child's account current.

Due to problems with accumulated charges and lack of payment, we now require that students pay when purchasing food, either with cash or with money already in their My School Bucks account. A STUDENT MAY ONLY CHARGE TWO TIMES AFTER THEY REACH A ZERO BALANCE, and after that, they will be provided with a district approved alternative meal until the account is brought up-to-date.

If you have any questions, contact My School Bucks at or (855) 832-5226, visit and click on Help, or contact Food Services Manager, Kathy Smith, at (315) 889-4120 or





Free & Reduced Price Meals:

Free or reduced price meals are available to families who meet certain federal requirements in accordance with the National School Lunch Program, which is a federally assisted meal program that provides nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free lunches to students. Our district sent letters out to families that qualify in the beginning of the school year. If you have not yet applied for your child to receive free or reduced price meals at school, or your child’s eligibility has change, it is not too late. You may apply at any time during the school year.

Free or reduced price meals are available to eligible children, including:

  • Children living in households with a gross income that falls within the free or reduced price limits of the Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines (refer to the chart in the Downloads section of this page)
  • Children living in households that receive benefits from SNAP, FDPIR, or TANF
  • Children living in households with a family member on Medicaid
  • Children in households participating in WIC (may be eligible)
  • Foster children that are under the legal responsibility of a foster care agency or court
  • Homeless, runaway, and migrant children

Once your children are approved for free or reduced price meals status, they are approved for one free breakfast and one free lunch each day for the remainder of the school year, even if your income increases.
Reduced price meals are $0.25 for breakfast and $0.25 for lunch. The amount each household can save adds up over time. For example:
Breakfast prepared at home:
Cereal w/ Milk = $0.35 to $0.70/day x 5 days = $3.50 to $7.00 per child/week
Reduced price breakfast at school:
At least 3 out of 5 items to make a meal* = $0.25/day x 5 days = $1.25 per child/week
Savings = $2.25 to $5.75 per child/week
Lunch from home:
PB&J Sandwich, Juice Box & Chips = $1.14/day x 5 days = $5.70 per child/week
Reduced price lunch at school:
At least 3 out of 5 items to make a meal* = $0.25/day x 5 days = $1.25 per child/week
Savings = $4.45 per child/week

*At both breakfast and lunch, children must take at least 3 out of 5 menu items to make a meal, and at least 1 item needs to be a fruit or vegetable. Anything outside of these guidelines will be charged a la carte pricing. Children are able to take breakfast meals to their classrooms to finish.

It is important to note that children’s eligibility for free or reduced price meals can change during the school year. Even if they did not qualify at the beginning of the school year, it is possible that they may qualify now. For example, should you become unemployed, have a decrease in household income, or an increase in family size during the school year, your child may become eligible, and you may request and complete an application at that time.
Please also keep in mind that a child’s address will dictate the household (composition) status, and it is possible for one child living with one parent to be eligible for free or reduced price meals while a sibling living with the other parent has to pay for meals.
To apply for free or reduced price meals for your children, you may submit an Eligibility Letter for Free Meals received from the NYS Department of Social Services, OR carefully complete one application for your household and return it to your child’s school. Applications are available to download below, or in the main office of your child's school. You only need to submit one application for all children in your household, but applications need to be submitted every school year, regardless of approval in prior years. If you would like to avoid incurring any meal costs, it is important to submit applications no later than the end of September of each school year.

If you now receive food stamps, and/or Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) or Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) for any children, the application must include the children's names, the household food stamp ADC/TANF number and the signature of an adult household member. All children with the same case number may be listed on the same application. Separate applications are required for children with separate case numbers. If you do not list a food stamp, ADC or TANF number for all the children you are applying for, the application must include the names of everyone in the household, the amount of income each household member got last month and where it comes from, and the signature of an adult household member and that adult's social security number. An application, which is not complete, may not be approved.
If you have any questions regarding eligibility for free or reduced price meals, or if you would like help filling out an application, please contact Food Services Manager, Kathy Smith at (315) 889-4120 or





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