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Global 9

Global History and Geography 9 is the first year of a required 2 year course in Global History and Geography.
At the culmination of a 2 year study, students will take the New York State Regents in Global History and Geography 10.  This course and Regents Exam are both requirements for graduation in New York State.

In Global 9, students will be introduced to basic social studies skills, review New York State requirements for the updated Regents Exam (including Enduring Issues)  and will learn about pre-history for the entire world through the Age of Enlightenment (1750).

         Students will be introduced to 10 units throughout 9th grade.
Here's What We Will Cover in 9th Grade Global History and Geography:
Unit 9.1 - the Development of Civilization
Unit 9.2 - Belief Systems: Rise and Impact
Unit 9.3 - Classical Civilizations: Expansion, Achievement and Decline
Unit 9.4 - The Rise of Transregional Trade Networks
Unit 9.5 - Political Powers and Achievements
Unit 9.6 - Social and Cultural Growth and Conflict
Unit 9.7 - The Ottoman Empire and the Ming Dynasty Pre-1600
Unit 9.8 - Africa and the America Pre-1600
Unit 9.9 - The Transformation of Western Europe and Russia
Unit 9.10 - Interactions and Disruptions in Western Europe, Africa, and the Americas - the Encounter  
These units may overlap, and we may present them out of sequence from the above list.

Textbook for Global History and Geography 9:
Global History and Geography I, New York Edition, McGraw Hill, 2018





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