Special Education

  • What is Special Education?

    Special Education means specially designed or group instruction or special services or programs to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities.  Special education services and programs are provided after a Committee on Special Education recommends and the Board of Education approves the recommendation.

    The Special Education Process

    The District Committee on Special Education or Committee on Preschool Special Education are responsible to complete the evaluations and recommendations concerning classification and placement of children with a disability, or who are suspected of having a disability.  The Committee on Special Education (IEP Team) will collect necessary information, conduct evaluations, meet with the parents, determine eligibility, develop an Individualized Education Program (I.E.P.) and make recommendations to the Board of Education for special education services.  Every effort is made to educate the child in the least restrictive environment while providing the most appropriate program and services.  The Committee in Special Education reviews each case annually or as needed. The Committee in Special Education (IEP Team) is a mult-disciplinary team which seeks parent involvement.

    The Committee in Special Education Office can be reached by calling (315) 889-4117

    If you, as a parent or guardian suspect your child is having a physical behavior condition or an academic weakness that impacts learning, and may require special education services, you make a written referral to:

    Office of Special Programs and Curriculum
    Union Springs Central School District
    239 Cayuga Street
    Union Springs, NY 13160

    Please include: the child’s name, address, telephone number, birthdate, age, school attending, and a statement describing the youngster’s difficulty.

    What Special Education services may my child receive?

    Special education services and programs may include specially designed instruction and/or supplementary aids and services provided in the regular class, consultant teacher services, related services, resource room programs, special classes, home and hospital instruction, or placement in an in-State or out-of-state private schools for school age students.

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