Business Office

  • The business office is directly responsible for all financial management, budgeting, investment of funds, insurances, census, accounting, purchasing, and compliance with New York State and Federal reporting requirements.

    In addition, the businee office is generally responsible for the oversight of most non-instructional services such as: capital projects, building and grounds, transportation, food services, records management (including all Freedom of Information requests), worker's compensation, voting, legal matters, and health and safety issues.

    Purchasing and contracting for all services, equipment, and supplies are handled through this office in accordance with New York State regulations.

    To receive the Enhanced STAR exemption, you must enroll in the Income Verification Program (IVP).
    If you are receiving the Basic STAR exemption and are eligible for the Enhanced STAR exemption this year, you must apply for the Enhanced STAR exemption and enroll in the IVP. You only need to enroll in the IVP once.

    If you already receive the Enhanced STAR exemption:
    If you are already enrolled in the Income Verification Program (IVP), you don’t need to take any action to continue receiving the Enhanced STAR exemption.
    If you have been receiving the Enhanced STAR exemption but are not yet enrolled in the Income Verification Program, you must renew your application for the Enhanced STAR exemption and enroll in the IVP.

    Senior citizens exemption recipients must apply for Enhanced STAR separately.
    Due to changes in New York State law, beginning with applications for the 2019-2020 school year, you must file for the senior citizens exemption separately and annually with your, even if you have already been receiving it.

    Forms can be downloaded from the Tax Department’s website at or picked up at your local assessor’s office.

    Contact your local assessor with any questions.

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