Pre-K Registration Open

Parents and guardians are invited to enroll their little ones in our Pre-K program, where a world of discovery and foundational learning awaits. Designed to foster curiosity, creativity, and social development, our Pre-K curriculum is tailored to provide a nurturing environment for every child to thrive.

You may call the A.J. Smith office at (315) 889-4170 where our secretary, Penny Ross, will be able to send you our registration packet. Or you may download it here.

On March 27 between 3-6pm, parents are asked to bring their completed packet to Pre-K registration at A.J. Smith Elementary. To ensure that your student is registered in a timely fashion, please include ALL applicable documents at the time of registration 

If you have any questions, please reach out to the registrar, Mary Riordan, at (315) 889-4112 or