A.J. Smith Elementary Springs into Music Celebration

Springtime at A.J. Smith Elementary has been nothing short of sensational, with a crescendo of musical events that showcased the talents and enthusiasm of our students. From March through May, our school community has been buzzing with excitement and achievement in music education.

The festivities kicked off in March with a joyful celebration of Music in Our Schools Month. Students and teachers participated in a unique activity, sharing their musical passions and experiences on puzzle pieces.

"This interactive display not only highlighted our diverse musical interests but also fostered a sense of community as we discovered each other's musical inspirations," said A.J. Smith music teacher Jennifer Hysick.

One of the highlights of our musical spring was the Music March Madness tournament. With the theme "When We Were Your Age," homeroom and special area teachers from grades 2 to 5 took part in this fun event. Each teacher represented a popular song from their own childhood, igniting nostalgia and connecting generations through music.

Our A.J. Smith Elementary Chorus has also been making waves across the Central New York (CNY) region. On March 22nd, 48 talented chorus students delivered a breathtaking rendition of the National Anthem at a Syracuse Crunch game. Their performance was nothing short of stellar, earning applause and admiration from the crowd.

April brought another milestone as six A.J. Smith students participated in Cayuga County's inaugural Elementary All-County chorus. The students, alongside peers from across the county, mastered four diverse selections, including a piece in Latin. Their harmonious voices and hard work were met with a well-deserved standing ovation—a testament to their dedication and skill.

May saw more extraordinary performances from our students. Ms. Hysick, with her afterschool program "Wednesday Wonders," led students to Auburn Jr. High to showcase their talents. Their rendition of "Give Us Hope" earned a perfect score and an Outstanding rating from judges, showcasing their commitment and artistry. Additionally, two fifth-grade students delivered their first solo performances, impressing the judges and earning an Outstanding rating as well.

The spring season has been a resounding success for A.J. Smith Elementary, with music serving as a powerful catalyst for creativity, collaboration, and growth. These achievements reflect the dedication of our students, the support of our teachers, and the vibrant spirit of our school community. As we conclude this musical journey, we look forward to the continued harmonies and melodies that will inspire and unite us in the seasons to come.

Elementary All-County Chorus

Wednesday Wonders

PuzzleMusic March Madness