School District Budget Information

  • Responsibility of Boards of Education to Prepare Budgets

    It shall be the duty of the Board of Education to present at the public hearing the proposed budget. The Board of Education must present the budget in three components: 

    1. Program Component
    2. Capital Component
    3. Administrative Component

    The budget must be written in plain language. Categories of revenues and expenditures as well as comparison data from the prior year's budget must be set forth in such a manner as to best promote comprehension and readability.

    Development of Budget

    The Superintendent will have overall responsibility for budget preparation, including the construction of and adherence to a budget calendar. Department managers will develop and submit budget requests for their particular areas of responsibility.
    Principals will develop and submit budget requests for their particular schools in conjunction with the advice and suggestions of staff members.
    Estimates of state aid must be projected largely on the basis of current legislation. Property taxes are estimated based upon the anticipated assessment value of the district.

    The proposed budget is reviewed by the superintendent and recommended to the Board of Education. The Board of Education approves the budget and submits the budget to the voters of the district.
    The budget vote and election of Board of Education members is held on the third Tuesday of May.