Union Springs Athletic Hall of Fame

  • Mission:

    The Union Springs Central School Athletic Hall of Fame was chartered in the fall of 2008. Its purpose is to recognize the accomplishments of the inductees and develop pride in the rich athletic traditions of the district. These role models exemplify Union Springs commitment to athletic excellence, qualities of leadership, and sportsmanship. Through recognition, the inductees and their families will be reconnected with Union Springs Central School providing current student athletes with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the history of Union Springs Athletics.

    Yearly Timeline :

    October 1 – Nomination deadline
    October/November – Review pool of nominees
    December 1 – Committee finalizes yearly honorees
    December 1 – Yearly honorees announced and invited May – The yearly ceremony will take place in May.

    Candidate Categories:

    1. Athlete – Must have graduated ten (10) years prior to nomination in order to be considered.
    2. Coach - Must have coached for Union Springs Schools for a minimum of ten (10) years, and must have been separated from the district at least two (2) years prior to nomination.
    3. Team - A team must have a minimum of ten (10) years since the year in which it achieved its success.
    4. Honorary – Distinguished service to the athletic program or exhibiting an exceptional degree of accomplishment in his/her professional endeavors.
    • Posthumous candidates accepted for any category.
    • All nominations will remain active for a total of three (3) years. Unsuccessful nominees may be re-submitted after three (3) years.

    Mail completed nomination forms by October 1 to:

    Todd Salls
    Athletic Hall of Fame
    Union Springs High School
    239 Cayuga Street Union Springs, NY 13160

    Selection Committee: Inductees will be chosen by the Union Springs Athletic Hall of Fame Committee which is comprised of nine voting members representing coaching staff, teachers, staff members, community members, and the athletic coordinator. All committee members will serve for a period of three years. At the end of the three years, the committee members have the option of seeking another three years at the discretion of the athletic coordinator. In the instance where a committee member resigns before the end of their term, the athletic coordinator will appoint a new committee member to fill this position. In addition, the committee has the option to vote on dismissing a committee member who is not fulfilling their obligations. A candidate will be successfully voted into the Union Springs Athletic Hall of Fame when they receive two-thirds or 67% of the majority vote of the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee.

    Monica Sacco
    Jim Gunnip
    1981-82 Girls Track Relay Team


    1965-66 Wrestling Team
    Henry Wilde 


    1965-66 Boys Varsity Basketball Team
    Mike Howell, Jr.
    Lee Casler


    Nick Delaney
    David Gould
    1956 Boys Track Team


    Elizabeth Cornell
    Cheol Kessler
    David Bowman
    1983-84 Boys Basketball Team


    Corinne Bowman
    1978 Volleyball Team


    Andy Kalet
    Tink O'Connor
    1993 Boys Soccer Team


    Larry Quinn
    John Howland
    Rollie DeVore
    Kim Brightman
    1961 Baseball Team


    Mary Schooley
    Jim Mosley
    Jim Connelly
    1982 Boys Golf Team


    Tamela Ray
    1994 Girls Soccer Team


    James Cufari
    1960 Football Team


    Robert Jorgensen
    Denise Large  
    Gerald O’Connor
    Harold McBride
    1953-54 Boys Basketball Team