About the Library Media Center

  • The Union Springs Middle/High School Media Center serves approximately 400 staff and students and assists them with their research and learning needs. Currently, the library contains nearly 15,000 books, 15 magazine subscriptions dating back 3 years, and some local newspapers. Staff and students can access information through various sources including the Library's online catalog, the BOCES School Library System, and the Internet.

    All students are taught how to access information, locate library materials and how to check out materials. Students also have the opportunity to utilize the library as a study center, serving up to 85 students at any given time. 

    The Media Center underwent an extensive renovation in 2005 and is located in the space that once housed the school auditorium. Please stop by and check out our beautiful Media Center! 

    The library staff strives to maintain decorum while monitoring behavior and the security of library materials. Currently, the library is staffed full-time by Mrs. Stephanie Berry, Library Media Specialist. 

    Hours of Operation

    The Library Media Center is typically open during the regular school day from 7:45am to 3:00pm. There will be times when the LMC has to close due to a staffing conflict. Students should check the Daily Library Schedule posted outside of the library each day. The LMC is currently only open after school for MS sports study hall every. Students may still come in for book exchanges and for testing on a limited basis. Please check with Mrs. Berry prior to coming in for testing after school. 

    COVID Safety Measures

    • Masks must be worn at all times
    • No more than two students to a table (please sit ACROSS from each other)
    • Students are encouraged to use hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes if they would like to sanitize themselves and/or their table