High School Counseling Office

  • High school can be a difficult time for many, between managing academic courseloads, planning for college and careers, and dealing with all of the social-emotional issues that come with adolescence.  The role of the school counselor has changed over the years and it is important for families to understand that we are here to help with all of these topics.  We have an open door policy, which means that students can drop in to see us when they need assistance.  If we are not available, students can make an appointment to see us during their study hall or lunch time.  Whether it be schedule concerns, time management, anxiety, college applications, scholarship applications, finacial aid applications, troubles with friends, or finding a job....we are here to help!

    Keep checking this site as we will have lots of great resources available for you to access here!  As always, feel free to email or call us with questions or concerns.

Contact Us!

  • Nina Darnell
    Counselor, Grades 11 & 12
    315-889-4110, option 4 

    Lynn Stock
    Counselor, Grades 9 & 10
    315-889-4110, option 4