Loan Policies

  • *PreK - K students may sign out 1 book at a time for 10 days.

    *Gr. 1-5 students may sign out 1 magazine and 1 book for 10 days

    * All students may exchange their books during my free periods or at the beginning or end of each day.

    *Items may be renewed if students are not finished with them.

    *Overdue lists will be generated and distributed on the first of each month.

    *Overdue notices will be periodically sent home with students or via email. Some notices may be mailed home.

    *Billing notices will be sent home for damaged or lost items.

    *Students with an overdue item may not take items out, until the overdue item is returned.

    *Students with a damaged or lost item which has not been paid for, may not take items out until the item is paid for. Once the damaged book has been paid for, the student is allowed to keep the book. If a lost book has been paid for and is then later found, the parent is reimbursed for the paid book.