SchoolTool Information & Academic Resources

  • How can I keep track of my child’s academic progress?

    Schooltool is a wonderful resource that will enable you to monitor your student’s grades. Click on the icon below to go to the schooltool login page. You can also login by clicking on the link below:

    If you are logging into SchoolTool for the very first time, you will enter your email address and the password we sent to your email address on file. 

    Questions? Need Assistance? Please feel free to call Ms. DeWolf in the Middle School Office.

    How can I help my child academically?

    The following article is a great reminder of how we can help our middle school students achieve academic success in middle school: 

    How can I support my child’s attendance?

    Click on the link below:

    10th Period - 2:15-3:00

    Have any questions after today's lesson? Feeling lost in class? Not sure how to start your assignment? Stay 10th period!! Make it a habit!

    A key part of what it means to be a student is asking for help when we don't get something. You are not going to understand everything right away. It takes a lot of time and practice! It's important to stay with your teachers during the 10th period to be sure you understand the material. Most teachers are available Monday through Thursday. Ask your teacher for their availability and schedule a time to stay with them. If you are absent, all of your teachers expect you to stay when you return to school to get caught up with work.

    Honor Roll

    What awards will you earn this school year?

    Honor Roll = 84.5% - 89.49%
    High Honor Roll = 89.5% - 94.49%
    Principal's Honor Roll = 94.5% and higher

    **Awards are presented twice a year, at the end of each semester.**